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Your moments

hey there, i'm erin.

I’m so happy you are here. Choosing a photographer is an important decision. You need someone who understands that every moment matters. After spending just a little bit of time with me, you’ll find that I’m intentional about capturing everything from the tiny details to the big picture.

Over the years, my appreciation for the fleeting moments in life, both in your story and mine, has grown. Aside from taking your photos, you can find me getting major giggles from my son, enjoying a slow morning at a coffee shop or jetting off to San Diego to chase warmer weather with my husband. I understand how important it is to soak in the moments that fly by so fast.

Your story is too important to miss a second. I'll be here for all the happy tears, belly laughs and genuine smiles as you enjoy this life to the fullest. So don't wait, let’s get to know each other more and start telling your story!

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Your story is worth telling

If you want to flip through your photos fifty years from now and feel like you’re watching through a window, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s document core memories. They are too important and fleeting to miss.




" Not only is Erin is one of the warmest and most genuine people we've ever met, she's also incredibly talented at what she does. She captured moments of our wedding day that I'm not sure anyone else would notice. Getting to see all of the intimate moments of our wedding day through Erin's eyes has been one of the most special privileges. We now have photos of every single sweet moment that we'll cherish forever.”

- Elizabeth and Zach

"Looking back, hiring Erin to photograph our wedding was the best decision we made throughout our entire planning process"

"As a photographer myself, I was confident that Erin would not only be professional but would make sure my sister took in every moment and capture those that she was not able to. From the beginning of the day when my sister was getting ready, to her first look with her soon to be husband, to getting drinks at their favorite bar, and beyond from their first dance to all the emotional reactions during toasts and the reception, Erin truly did capture it all. And she did so without drawing the focus to herself; she blended in perfectly as the photographer, but still caught everything and everyone like she was your best friend."

-Sister of the Bride

"She helped settle any nerves and helped her to feel all the sweet moments"

"Erin embodies everything you would want your photographer to be; kind, empathetic, trustworthy, and a perfectionist in her work. Not only are her photos stunning and true to color, but she also captures moments so perfectly that you feel as if you’re reliving that day. You won’t ever have to worry about feeling “camera shy” in front of Erin."

- Liz and JT

"She has a gift for making you feel comfortable and just having FUN during your session"

Your milestones are worth remembering

Every relationship, year of growth and moment of laughter is an important part of your story. Let’s document it beautifully today and 30 years from now. 

Here with you through every season of life










Let’s do this thing!

So happy you are here